KIN Premium: Boujee Blak

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We are so proud to introduce you to the KIN Premium Boujee Blak.

For this instalment, we are using a full maple setup. Maple wood is the hardest and most durable wood in the kendama game.

Still small batch, we want to keep our brand exclusive and only for the true kendama player who wants that unique piece.

We call this piece, Boujee Blak, a nod to the elegent, the intricate, the bourgeois. We loved how the original looked and we thought it would look amazing in black, and yep, we were right! We love to create things that are not only beautiful, but express a higher class, we believe the Boujee Blak does exactly this.

The KIN Premium line IS what we believe, the BEST kendama for you; the individual whom is looking for the most unique kendamas in the world, the individual whom is looking for the rarest kendamas in the world, the individual who loves to sesh beautiful kendamas OR collect them.

The latest and cutting-edge shape, superior playability and absolutely beautiful.

 The KIN Premium Boujee Blak features:

The latest V4 GG Kendama Shape

 - Full maple setup

 - Painted tama with signature GG pattern

 - Tama design for supreme tracking ability

 - Honed Spike

 - Base cup hole for exceptional lunar balance

 - Configurable string length of up to 8 finger lengths with traditional bead

 - Red ring (a symbol for the pursuit of the highest quality)

 - Our IMPROVED tacky clear paint!!!! -  the OST 2.0 - It's crazy!!!!


Average Ken Weight Range: 76-80g

Average Tama Weight Range: 67-80g


We believe in reducing/offsetting our environmental footprint. To do this, we have offset our production of packaging by opting to use COMPLETELY RECYCLABLE materials and thus reducing our impact. By using recyclable/biodegradable materials, we are reducing the amount of landfill and thus minimising every customer's impact on the environment, and this means so much to us! We call this initiative: #ConsciousKendama. What this also means is our kendamas are packaged individually with love by our GG Collective Co team.

Stand out from the pack with this small batch (pre-sale release!) kendama of the highest quality.

Made with love.


** Weight matching service is currently unavailable at this time. However, we want to let you all know any possible dramatic difference in weight should not heavily affect your kendama experience. We assure you, your new dama will be so honed. **