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We’ve transcended once again!

We couldn’t take it any longer! We had refined our kens once again and we couldn’t wait till next year!

So we’ve decided to run a small batch of our new KIN Premium line. The V3.

We also wanted to celebrate the launch of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. We are riddikulus fans of the Harry Potter world; read and re-read all the books and think the best night in is with pizza and a HP movie marathon. Needless to say, we wanted this so badly.

To share the HP and kendama love, we have merged the two to form something absolutely beautiful!

This KIN Premium (V3) Kendama features our latest and greatest ken shape and a beautiful tama to match.

The slip ring has been reduced to take off a bit more weight at the base for increased lunar ability. On top of that, we have drilled the base cup to cut the weight exponentially! This thing is honed. We didn’t think we could get any more honed, but we did!

The tama features a pearlescent paint paying homage to the Ilvermorny house and its iconic colours; cranberry, blue and gold. All finessed to provide impeccable tracking ability. The tama also features our latest exploration into the tackiest clear paint we could find, the OST clear. This clear tacks hard, is ever so durable and wears in to a controlled glide. An amazing kendama experience.

To further our love with the HP world, we have the placed two iconic logos on the ken to provide something truly special and unique. See it for yourself! And to top it off, we have our GG ethos on the base cup, to keep us grounded.

We are so proud of this release! We have extremely limited numbers and are single run. Take home a piece of history and something truly unique.

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