KIN Premium - Natural V2

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KIN Premium Kendama


GGKendama have refined the kendama shape to deliver optimal playability while not compromising on quality.

The Red Ring on the ken handle pays homage to the Canon L-Series Camera lenses. A definition of premium materials and quality. The ethos of the KIN Premium line. To pursue and deliver the best.

KIN Premium for GGKendama has two definitions:

Keep It Natural - The opportunity to connect with the self, engaging in physical activity that will benefit and resonate in everyday life. To feel something natural, has no batteries and can be of use when all else fails. KIN is life in your hands.

KIN as in family, your next of. You depend on them when something has gone wrong. They are there to help you when things are at its toughest. Your KIN can be depended on and is always by your side, just like your kendama.


The KIN Premium series feature:

- Premium Beech wood - Full Natural

- Industry new-age cup sizes including the best base cup ever

- Ergonomic ken handle for increased natural grip and release efficiency

- Premium red string

- Premium spinner bead for optimal/increased playability

- Industry new-age tama hole & bevel for increased tracking and playability


The KIN Premium series pursue the new-age and will continue to refine through the years to come. With the growing Kendama community in Australia, and GGKendama at the forefront, we strive to be and deliver the most premium Kendama locally and all over the world.

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