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The #KINpurista is here!

This piece is an absolute work of art. We believe we have made some beautiful pieces so far this year, with unique pearlised paints and exceptional tack for playability. But we also very much love the natural aesthetic and the different world of play you can get from a natural kendama. Which is why we have made the #KINpurista. For the natty lovers out there and those whom want to try something different.

We have a few firsts with this drop, experimenting with different types of wood and also, a different kind of paint. This time, we not only have full natural pieces available, but also, we now offer this same piece with silk paint. This is also the first time we are offering tama units separately!

From our experience so far, silk paint glides the ken (smooth tack) when contact is made, adjustment movements are predictable and the ken holds position when you need it to. For the natural enthusiasts out there, you know exactly what you're getting with a natty tama plus you have the option of adding your own wax or that heavy grind sweat for a tama at just the way you like it.

We love the natural aesthetic, but we also love to experiment and make our kendamas unique. So this time we have used a very special type of wood called purpleheart, which is slightly heavier but also is more durable. Mixed in with maple on a 70/30 split, its a match made in heaven. The benefits of having a heavier tama base is that it encourages a natural downward pull for more predictable spiking ability. From our experience, a darker tama base means a reduction in tama hole tracking ability. We have fixed this issue by having our GG logo painted on the bevel with bright white instead of the traditional red so there's no problem with tracking. To make the tama even more unique, we have added an extra purpleheart stripe to further increase tracking but also to put our signature on this design. If you show up to a kendama meet, no doubt everyone knows that you're flexing a premium small batch GG Kendama.

The #KINpurista - Tama Only features:

 - 70/30 split Maple/Purpleheart wood

 - Available in both Silk or Natural

 - Tama design for supreme tracking ability

 - Tama bevel has our signature GG logo in bright white for increased tracking 


Average Silk Tama Weight: 83g

Average Natural Tama Weight : 82g

Stand out from the pack with this small batch kendama of the highest quality.

Made with love.

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