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Feel the KIN Premium difference!

These kens are honed! Our classic Beech wood piece.

The KIN Premium kendama line are meticulously quality checked to ensure that our customers get exactly what they deserve. A blemish free ken paired with the highest quality tama.

The #stillgood kens available are beautifully crafted and the same in every way BUT with rare and unique/one-of-a-kind qualities.

The #stillgood kens available possess birthmarks within the wood-grain and no two are alike. Some say these kens are sought after due to their uniqueness, and we totally agree, they really are something special.

Each #stillgood ken is inspected for craftsmanship defects ensuring that each ken going into a pack remains of the highest quality.

At this point the packs are sealed making whatever ken in there a LUCKY DIP! You never know what you'll get!

Just know that you can slay hard with this ken, the KIN PREMIUM shape is incredible, and that little piece of character will even more make you stand out from the pack!

Be the #oneofakinder and grab yourself a KIN Premium #STILLGOOD ken.

Sesh on!