KIN Premium - #Aztecian Ce

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The #Aztecian Ce is one of two beautifully designed kendamas featuring the KIN Premium Kens that #GGKendama are so proud of.

We have received great feedback so far of the current KIN Premium kens that we had to continue allowing us the opportunity to share this beautiful shape to OG fans and new adopters alike. You will not be disappointed.

The Aztecian will come with all features of the KIN Premium line including: Red String with bearing bead, iconic red ring, large sarado cups and signature base cup and handle.

This iteration however is the next step for the KIN Premium line in experimenting with a new formula tacky  clear tama and tama bevel. The new formula tacky clear is something that we have been working on. We aim that it assists in increased out of the box playability and tama durability. This thing is sticky af! Don't take our word for it, cop yourself one and let us know what you think! We will always keep experimenting!

The bevel has also been adjusted to something a bit more shallow. This aims to allow the keen more surface area for the tama to "bite" into.

But last but not least, this kendama features a beautiful and unique Aztec inspired design that will no doubt set you apart from every other kendama player. Be the #Oneofakinder

For more information into why we've chosen this path, please see our blog!

This premium kendama is small batch! Get it before we run out!

Good luck!