G - ROSE: Rose Wood x GG ASH RAW - Limited Edition - 7 units

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we are so proud of our signature v4 shape for GG Kendama!

rose wood is something that we've wanted to work with in some time. it was at the development of the v4 shape that we decided it was time to make this happen.

a perfect combination of what nature has offered us and our attention to detail, crafting it into our signature shape. it's like art. the process brings out the beautiful unique grain of each piece. it's stunning!

sesh or fresh, these beauties will not disappoint. but we do hope you keep it as a collector piece, as this will be our only rose wood kendama.

paired with an ash tama with our signature on the top, this piece speaks character. ash tamas are light but balance well with the rose wood. the GG ASH RAW tamas may be available in the future, depending on what you all think. we personally love the grain of an ash tama, it feels and looks beautiful.

7 units available and only made once! not 1 piece looks alike. absolutely beautiful. appearance varies from a stripey tanned wood to a more chocolate appearance. the pieces are chosen at random, so who knows which one you will get!

we are so proud of how these have come out and we know for sure you will love them too!

average ken weight range: 74g with a 5g differential.

each unit comes with an extra long string and bead.

More beautiful. More refined. More honed.


- the new v4 shape

- more aggressive base handle

- exceptional lunar balance

- large sarado cups

- honed in spike

- pre attached extra long string to get you seshing ASAP!

you will love how ergonomic the v4 ken is, more than ever! designed with increased playability in mind. as always, small batch. made with love.