KIN Premium - #KINseasonal Q4

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The #KINseasonal Q4 is here!

Featuring the colour of the lush Australian lands and dense tropical forests with a stylistic design on top of the tama to represent your 2019 of life changing dama sessions.


The latest KIN Premium V3 Shape:

 - Full maple setup

 - Pearlised painted tama with unique 2019 design

 - Tama design for supreme tracking ability

 - Honed Spike

 - Biggest cups in the game

 - Base cup hole for exceptional lunar balance

 - Configurable string length of up to 8 finger lengths with bearing bead

 - Red ring (a symbol for the pursuit of the highest quality)

 - Earth and Air symbols on the cups for love and tracking

 - GG Ethos on the base cup to hold you to your values <3

 - Our newest sticker seal placed on when quality inspected

 - Our IMPROVED tacky clear paint!!!! -  the OST 2.0 - It's crazy!!!!


Average Ken Weight Range: 76-80g

Average Tama Weight Range: 67-76g


Stand out from the pack with this small batch kendama of the highest quality.

Made with love.


** Weight matching service is currently unavailable at this time. However, we want to let you all know any possible dramatic difference in weight should not heavily affect your kendama experience. We assure you, your new dama will be so honed. **

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