With thoughts always on our mind of constant refinement, with guidance from the community, we are handpicking the best ideas and going with it. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, small batch gives us the ability to operate lean and work smart. It is more of an investment to produce small batch, but what we are left with is a refined; innovative, refreshing and honed kendama, which is what we want for the community. To create the most PREMIUM kendama. To continue on a path of greatness we understand that staying the same won’t get us there.

We’ve realised that the current KIN Premium line is a little heavier in the base which means for lunar balance, we are not optimal. So, our thoughts are to reduce the weight significantly by adding a balance hole to the base. We also feel the cups could lean to a fraction bigger and this would align our cup sizes to the way the industry is currently going. Did someone says phat cups? We feel that the current shape of the sara-do is amazing especially for slingers however, with the cups improvement, we can aim for even greater slinger ability and cup landing capacity also.

We are also planning on refreshing the look of the ken with some new flourishes to increase our brand signature. We are planning to apply our ethos to the base cup and 2 new symbols on the sara-do for increased ken tracking.

To ensure that our kens look fresh and unique, we have to pursue design. But not only for the pursuit of design, but for meaning. It’s like a tattoo, if it doesn’t have meaning, then why bother. Sure it may look good now, but trends change, personal preferences change. If we align symbolism with our personal values, the aesthetic is a constant reminder of a greater ideology and that my friends will never change.

We have decided to connect our ken aesthetically to nature. And to do this, we have applied two symbols on the sara-do. 1 for earth, 1 for air. The ken represents the earth/nature connection, it is the foundation of all matter, it is everything we can feel. The ken also represents air, without it we wouldn’t live. The earth and air symbols represent the connection between the two and it’s required harmony for kendama play.

Kinda deep, but we love the concept and we hope you do too!

We will let you know more updates regarding the new shape as we continue moving forward.

We personally love people whom go out of their way to seek meaning to pursue great things. And to most, in the early stages, support is not always there for them. However through the persistence of trial and error and wanting to create positive change, their drive pushes them forward to their goals. This aligns perfectly with our brand and what we want for the community as a whole. We’ve recently read The Upstarts by Brad Stone which shares the stories of a few now very well known companies whom started with a set of individuals that wanted to contribute to a better world and although hiccups along the way were made, these helped to better shape the way they are now and in turn improve, which we believe aligns with our ethos.


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The Upstarts is available from Book Depository and has FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!

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We hope you are just excited as us for the future of our company and the development of our shape. We will keep you in the loop!

Till then friends, Sesh on!

Remember our the GG Ethos: Learn, Grow, Inspire.