The KINSeasonal has arrived!

New year new me! Am I right? We always believe in a fresh start and in saying that, our damas reflect this also.

We would like to introduce you to the KINseasonal! This is the next iteration to the KIN Premium line. We are so proud to deliver the new KIN Premium V3 shape. We gave you all a peep of it last year when we released the iLLvermony line.



The KINseasonal line feature 4 colour-ways representing the Australian seasons. Each season/quarter we will be dropping a new colour way. We also made a sweet design on top of the tama representing this year so you will always be reminded of the bangers you hit at the time. Remember, these are small batch, when we run out of these babies, that’s it! Considering we sold out of the iLLvermony line in 24 hours, we can only assume that the kendama family really are looking for the highest quality kendama out there. Check us out!



We worked with our design wizards once again to produce a unique and high quality kendama utilising the most premium materials available. The cups are still the biggest in the game. The base cup hole will keep your lunars and stilts tight. The ken spike is honed to go straight into that tama hole. The tama features our OST clear. The string is up to 8 finger lengths long for your own personal preference and it’s laced with a bearing bead. The red ring reminds you that we’re constantly striving for the highest quality in the game. The sarado symbols represent the earth and the air. Crescere, discite, inspiro reminds us of our ethos.



This kendama tells our story and we are yet again so proud of what we have achieved. We will continue to step up our game and continue evolving. Till then, enjoy the Q1 KINSeasonal. We will keep you up to date with our upcoming projects including some hectic customs.

We will also be dropping a set of full naturals for the purists in the coming week so if you’re into that, watch this space.

Remember fam: Learn, Grow, Inspire.

Much Love