The #KINpurista tho.

First of all, thanks for visiting the website and checking in! It’s now news that we have sold out of the #KINseasonal Q3! To give you an idea, we put those beautiful babies online 3 weeks ago, and now we are sold out! This is an amazing achievement for us and we are so happy to know that our products are gaining in popularity. We are so happy also to know that 80% of our units were sold right here in Australia! This is such an encouraging notion to us as this is where we primarily want to focus, building the community in our backyard.
Now, we know we snuck this onto you all, but we hope you appreciate it! After AKO (which was amazing) we surprise dropped the #KINpurista!
The #KINpurista is a kendama that is full of firsts for us. The #KINpurista is the first time we have mixed types of wood, Maple and Purpleheart. The first time we have experimented with silk paint. The first time we have created balanced setups AND the first time we have a TAMA only option.
The idea behind the #KINpurista is to showcase the beauty of a natural kendama. The raw aesthetic of a natty kendama is to some, highly regarded. With the craftsmanship involved into making a kendama, we want to pay full respect to this. Because it is hard work to lathe out a kendama, so we must respect this beautiful art.
To further increase the beauty of this natural, we have decided to use a varied type of wood, so we chose to use purpleheart. Purpleheart is a hard, dense and beautiful wood. Sought after within the kendama community, we wanted to share our piece. Our intention for the use of purpleheart in the tama was not only an aesthetic choice, by the way, it looks absolutely beautiful in this design, but also as a technical decision. The heavier tama base means that naturally, the tama pulls downwards and will provide more predictable landings. We want to keep searching and learning how to optimise kendama play, and this is just one step closer to us making the IDEAL kendama.
The next decision for us was the idea that not everyone loves a full natural kendama. Why is this? Out of the box, a natural kendama is icy af. Untill you get some grind sweat on there, keep up the flow tricks, jugs and taps, it will get there, or you could just put some wax on that baby. To ensure our customers don’t miss tack too much (Q4 is coming soon so hold tight!), we decided to experiment and use a silk clear paint. This silk paint has a beautiful nice glide upon contact with the ken, balance adjustments are more predictable and holds when you need it to. It isn’t a full tack compared to #KINseasonal Q3 or the upcoming Q4 BUT it is right in the middle.
We believe that to become a rounded kendama player, it is good to experiment and try new setups, try different weights and to try the different paints out there. We believe that a natural and even this silk setup is a great way to increase your reflexes as a lot more quick adjustments are needed to maintain balance. You will become more honed, a great thing!
At this premium price point we believe that you deserve the most balanced setups. Thus, we have decided for this small batch to ensure that the maximum weight differential between ken and tama was 5 grams. We believe that this is a good balance between ken and tama that is not too noticeable. Working in small batch helps us to hone in on the pieces we deliver, so we hope you guys really appreciate the effort we go to to getting you the most premium product out there.
So, that’s it for now fam! We hope you enjoy your new #KINpurista kendamas! Small batch, absolutely beautiful and definitely, super rare!
Next post, how to get sponsored!!!
Much dama love.