The journey to the great beyond!

So it has been on our minds for quite some time as to make the decision when to branch out and expand our reach.

We strive to spread the kendama love to wherever we go, and we believe if we limit ourselves to the comfort of our own home, we limits ourselves exponentially.

Let's face it, the kendama community in Australia is still very very young. We love our close knit crew, however we also need to challenge ourselves as a company and honestly, as a business if we want to keep doing what we love.

What this means is that in order to continue expanding our reach, we need to get our name out there to as many people and as many communities as we can. It's only smart!

Which leads us to the challenge of entering the international market, more specifically, the USA.

Now you may be asking, is this a good move? We are still a growing kendama company with huge potential, however we do need to the community and the world to see that. Hiding in the corner will not allow us to get our name out there, nor will it help us to thrive and expand.

Now this is a scary step for us, first of all we have to consider the expensive costs to ship out our products overseas. We have provided a very very reasonable flat fee for international shipping. What the US market will have to consider is these costs listed on our website are in Australian dollars, meaning it does work out a little cheaper for our overseas friends. With the premium quality of our products, we hope will draw in our target market including players seeking for the best kendama experience they have ever had.

It is a huge gamble for us to ship overseas, we lose money by doing this, however we believe that our kendamas ARE worth it! If we increase our following, this makes the hard times worth it and we all win!

So, to wrap up this post:

We want to spread the kendama love to the US. We are a proud Australian company whom produce the most Premium quality kendamas in Australia! So if you want to join us, please support us by ordering a kendama that is so unique, so playable, so fun! Stand out from the pack!

Together we... Learn, Grow, Inspire! - The GG Ethos