From our last post we’ve talked about experimenting with the tacky clear. Well here it is, the next phase, the next step to increased playability.

In short, this tama is #tacky af.

We are so proud to present to you all the #Aztecian Ce (One) and #Aztecian Ome (Two).

2 beautiful and unique designs inspired by the aztecs, the mayans the peruvians.

#Aztecian KIN Premium Kendama

It would just been enough to make a re-vamped KIN Premium natural x clear, however we want to always keep pushing the boundaries, trying new things, experimenting. Which is why we have decided to develop this new design. We wanted to create something unique and stand out from the basic colour-ways that are out there from competing brands. We want to excel but also, contribute. We don’t want to just set the bar, we want to raise it.

#Aztecian KIN Premium Kendama

The #Aztecian features the beautiful KIN Premium kens that we know and love. We have chosen to continue using these kens for this release simply because we believe the world needs to see and feel the difference that our current kendamas have to offer. We are all about the strong foundations, KIN Premium is getting us there.

We hope that the growth of our brand will bring new and current followers together to share in something incredible. We do our best, and we want everyone to know it.

We have also experimented with the tama bevel. This one is slightly shallower than the previous KIN Premium bevel. We have tried this due to its increased surface area within the bevel providing potentially more opportunity for the ken to “bite” into while attempting birds/nightingales/handle stalls.

We never know unless we try, considering this is small batch, we are able to continue trying new things, learning from our mistakes and adapting. This of course is not possible for the bigger companies out there whom have invested so much to increase their volume, and although this is great for customer demand, times are changing, very very fast. And what this means is that their position to adapt is that much more difficult.

We will always strive to be flexible, malleable, fearless to change and inspired for growth. We will always continue to doing the best we can for the growth of our brand but also to support the growth of the amazing kendama community.

So, current and future #GGKendama followers, what would you like to see for the future of the kendama? You can help us make this happen!

Right now, we have our eyes on MKO and next years KWC. Basically, we are excited for the future. Oh and readers, watch this space for more upcoming product! You will not be dissappointed!

The #Aztecian series will be available from Monday 24th September at 8PM! Do not miss out!

Need something to read?

Today's choice on us is Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath.

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This book talks about the decision process and being able to achieve the most ideal outcomes with the use of mindful/intellectual processes. We make important life changing decisions every day. These decisions not only affect outcomes regarding people and opportunities but also in how we feel, we become more emotionally intelligent. A great thing.

We hope you enjoy the read just as much as we do!

Remember to always keep learning! The more you learn, the more aware and ready you will be of life’s possibilities. And having this, having the choice to choose, provides opportunity in all aspects of life. In your health, in wealth, in love and in happiness.

Good luck to all those ready to cop the latest drop!

All the best our friends!