Sponsor Me? Aim higher fam.

There comes a time when a kendama player wants to further unleash their potential. They can do this in many ways; they can unlock the newest and craziest trick, they could build their own kendama brand, they could become the next KWC champ or represent their favourite kendama company and join a team of like-minded individuals who want to grow the community where they live. What essentially is at the core of all these is the motivation towards growth, here at GG Collective Co, we embrace this.
Today specifically we want to talk about the process of becoming a sponsored kendama player. It obviously is something that is highly sought after by beginners, amateurs and rising kendama players. It’s that shiny title that polarises individuals and keeps them inspired to hone up and become the best they can be.
What we want to talk about is why this title has become so important. Not only is it a sense of belonging, it is a boost in reputation within the kendama community, it encourages a players growth potential and builds opportunities for the individual and to some, the most appealing, it provides the potential for free swag.
Free swag, it’s such a motivator. The latest and greatest kendama, merch, stickers, transport to events, it all sounds so amazing doesn’t it?!
You can see why it’s such an attractive notion, and that lucky individual who gets sponsored, please believe great things will come.
Now, let’s snap out of that daydream for a minute and get down to it. How does someone get sponsored? Skill and potential a brand/company sees in the individual is key. There is much to be said about hard work and how it pays off. Hard work is evident in a kendama players skill set. A good indication of this is through competition, being able to battle against pressure and to perform at their peak. Winning competitions builds up the individuals reputation within the kendama community. When the community sees a star in the rising, you know they will get a sponsor opportunity.
Another way to get sponsored is being able to demonstrate your contribution to the kendama community in a big way. This can be in terms of hosting kendama events; building up social media followings for your favourite kendama company, encouraging new people to try kendama for the first time and building your local community. This individual has the courage to step outside of their comfort zone, to meet people and to express their love of kendama to whomever they can. This individual is passionate about kendama and the growth of the community, looking for the betterment of the sport, the bigger picture.
To look deep inside and find out what kendama means to the individual is a great journey. Through my own personal experience, this is what led to GG Collective Co. I realised how important kendama is to me and how it can impact life physically, mentally and spiritually. It was the complete positive package. Knowing this feeling, I am obligated to share it with as many people as possible because I believe that with the world looking towards positivity, we can build a positive outcome. That sounds huge, and it is, but I also believe that the individual plays a role in inspiring others, and even if I only get to one person, I’m doing my bit. This leads to a chain reaction that moves from one individual to the next and so on. You can see how this works right?
So let’s explore the process, we know there needs talent, we know there needs drive, we know there needs self exploration and growth, but what else? X-factor? At GG Collective Co we are being very selective with who we regard as a team member and ambassador. When we believe in someone, we are going to take this individual on a journey with the brand, and this is a big deal and relationship.
I think the best way to describe our perfect fit is to explore how other kendama companies have found their team members and explore the qualities that these individuals have and reflect this to what we are looking for.
We here at GG Collective Co are no strangers to seeing the rising dama stars and when it comes to ambassadors, we would like to talk about Sweets Kendamas pro team member, Christian Fraser. We’ve added the Sweets Kendamas Pro 2017 video below. What we want to point out here is Christians’ personal and professional growth with kendama. Christian quotes: “kendama gives you that ability to shift your perspective on things, kendama can be anything you want it to be”. This is an important point to note, the values of kendama and how they can be applied in life to see you always achieving. To understand that in order to improve, you must focus, learn, persevere and hone. What we love about Christians’ story is that fact that in his professional life working in Architecture, he has found the connection between kendama and the latter. The positive spirit of kendama has the ability to enrich ones life and we can only hope that each individual has the opportunity to experience this, thanks Christian. We must also note, the Decade mod is a masterpiece, a true reflection of the refinement process with informative design and technical decisions, props!
We would also like to explore Matt “Sweets” Jorgensen’s story. We have uploaded his Sweets Kendamas Pro 2017 interview video below. We believe Sweets was a huge part in the growth of kendama not only in North America but for the world. In the video, Matt explores his first interaction with kendama, his growing interest in it, and his growing desire to build his own company to share the kendama love with the people around him. To this day, we all know the story of how much of an impact the Sweets Company has fortified the foundations of International Competition i.e. NAKO and the innovation of the kendama itself. Matt is another example of the potential of personal drive. He was inspired by kendama, he knew of its potential and he went forward to build something great. This resonates so much with us here at GG Collective Co, an idea was built up in our minds, we became inspired, and we went out to make something happen. For us, we have built our brand around premium quality kendamas and we have been so well received within the community, so grateful. In the video we also see Matt share with us his love of other activities including indoor rock climbing and disc golf. Matt is another example of an individual whom branches out in different passions, learning different skills and keeping his health and mind in check. Health is very important in life as without it, we lack the ability to embrace the beautiful moments that appear in front of us. Take care of yourself, maintain and progress. Thank you Matt for your contributions to kendama.
The next individual we would like to focus on here is Cooper Eddy. Now, this may sound like a sweets fam appreciation post, and yeah, it kind of is, but these 3 particular individuals are most definitely ambassadors for kendama. We will link Coops' Sweets Kendamas Pro video below too. Now, Coop is such a creative and talented individual. Not only is he an exceptional kendama player, but his creativity applied in his videography in support of Sweets is phenomenal. The edits that Coop has made are absolutely beautiful, and his creative flare is what makes them unique and memorable, it’s his own personal style which separates him from the rest. Coops’ skill in both his craft and kendama have developed over the years and is a true reflection of personal and technical progression. He has shown us that with giving it a go, practice, refinement and passion, you pursue mastery. Coop also not only became a Sweets Pro member, but he also put himself out there to build competitions in which has helped to build his community. This is such an admirable effort that needs to be recognised.  Not only does Coop want kendama for his own personal growth, but he wants to build his community and share what kendama can be for others too.
So, we have given you a few examples of great individuals whom we believe have been a super positive influence in the kendama and growing community. We too here at GG Collective Co want to be like this, and most specifically, build our community right here in Australia. To do this it will take time, but more importantly, it will take the same type of individuals whom put themselves out there passionately to make something happen. We truly believe Australia has so much potential for contributing to kendama, with the right people to lead, we can make this happen.
If there is one thing to take away from this post, it is to not seek the shiny ambassadorship of a kendama company, that's short game. Hone yourself, contribute, make big things happen within your own community on your own steam, as an individual you can show what is possible, it won’t be easy, but that’s the journey, you’ll notice over time of your own progress in life, your own achievements will shine through and great things will come to you, and that may just mean becoming a Sponsored/Pro player. It will all fall into place fam.
We are seeking talented and personally driven individuals whom can make big things happen for kendama in Australia. If you feel that you are ready to pursue  a life-changing journey with us, please email us your reasons why and if you have any kendama edits too, we would love to see what you can do!
Who to contact? Email Gideon at gideon@ggcollective.co 
Thank you so much for reading, remember to stay true to your values.
Learn, Grow and Inspire.
Much Dama Love