This year has been a great and also challenging adventure! We have so much to be thankful for and I guess it’s about time we explore what we’ve been up to.

2018 started with a bang! We released our highest quality kendama yet, the KIN Premium v2. We also paired this with professional packaging in which we feel, stepped up our game providing the Australian market with the first ever, Premium kendama. The tama featured a tacky rubber paint (Stylized with tracking) which was an exceptional step up from the naturals we released last year. Paired with larger cups and the largest base cup in the game, we produced an innovative product that increased playability and in turn, made us so proud.

During the middle of the year we hosted our first kendama event in Brisbane which we have called: #damaroma. It was an awesome experience in learning how to run an event as well as meeting new customers and existing players but more importantly, new friends. We are definitely a growing community.

We then followed through with creating new designs for our tamas and came up with the #Aztecian series which featured a new tacky clear formula which further increased playability. The new designs helped us broaden our reach to new customers and players throughout Australia.

We learnt a lot from this iteration and we further improved our tacky clear formula and have arrived to the new OST clear, coined “Oh So Tacky”. Tacky? Yes, but just as much as the tamas!

We applied this new tacky clear, our best yet, to our small batch: #kendharma which also was the first time we used pearl flecks in our paint! It also featured a new paint design for increased tracking ability. It was an amazing release that was well received in the community.

During this time we’d also been working on refining our kendama shape. Reason being, we always want to keep improving and this was a natural next step. Considering it as a trial, we implemented a small batch of Kendamas featuring the new shape and adding flare with another new paint design. Still using the flecks of course, we trialled a new pattern to further increase our tracking ability. From our previous posts, to pay homage to the release of the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, we used the colours which represented the Ilvermorny Wizarding School. Needless to say, we are huge potter fans

Amongst all of this, we have attended many market events where we’ve showcased all of our current kendama lines while also having fun meeting current and new kendama players. It’s been a great experience and truly inspiring to see the growing community right here in our backyard.

We also had the honour of having Issey become a GG Kendama ambassador. He was a great influence for our brand and helping to put our name out there. As Australia is still growing as a kendama community, Issey helped put us on the map and for that, we are truly grateful. Unfortunately Issey is unable to represent our brand anymore as he will be pursuing other kendama ventures but nonetheless, we wish him all the best. We are currently in the process of recruiting new ambassadors whom can help us to grow our brand within Australia, watch this space!

2018 has been incredible, but we are excited for the future. We are so grateful to have such a following so far and we can only hope this continues to grow in the new year.

What to look for in 2019:

  • A new drop each quarter
  • Collector customs
  • New swag
  • Constant refinement of the GG Kendama KIN Premium shape
  • #damaroma 2019

We truly can’t wait! Thank you all so much for your support so far and we hope that we can keep you all as faithful kendama players representing the Australian kendama community. We grow as one.

Much love