As some of you may know already, we released our #KINseasonal Q2 and we are so grateful for how well received it has been!

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you all on what we’ve been up to! Sorry about that, we have been absolutely flat out! Working in between the growth of the brand to handling our day-to-day duties has kept us so busy. We’re not at all complaining, we love this positive buzzing energy that’s flowing our way and if it helps to keep us creative and inspired, we never want it to end!

We’ve got some awesome points that we want to cover but don’t want to divulge too much in this post, so we’ll just list some things here:

  The planning of the new #KINseasonal Q3 and Q4.

  Our growing kendama event sponsorships

  Plans on a reshape

That’s just scratching the surface of our comings and going’s so do keep tabs for these awesome future posts.

Now, back to topic. Since our drop of the #KINseasonal Q2 we have been receiving really positive feedback which makes us so proud of our growing kendama brand.

Our #KINseasonal Q1 was reviewed by skillderness and really, this put us on the dama map! Soon after the review, we received an influx of orders that sold us out of the Q1 and luckily, opportunely, we had just released the Q2 which meant that kendama players had the opportunity to cop a super fresh #KINseasonal still.

You can read the review here:

During this time we had also received a video review by Dave Cher on YouTube which was also super huge for us! Dave was able to show the world what our damas could do; gave everyone a good look at the #KINpremium shape, the quality, the style, the packaging and unboxing experience. Having such a reputable ambassador for kendama appreciate the effort that we have put into our products really was such a humbling experience for us so we want to say a huge thank you to Dave. So much dama love.

You can watch Dave’s review of our #KINseasonal Q1 here:

To wrap this piece up, we would just like to express the importance of community and how it affects the growth of not only our brand, but the impact of kendama on the world. We all personally know of how positive kendama is on our lives and our opportunity to share this with the world can only reflect that forward.

We are so happy and grateful to collaborate with other creative individuals who share the common goal to share the kendama love.

The GG Collective Co team strives to bring this positivity forward in all aspects of life and hope that we can really make positive change in the future. We’ll definitely keep working towards it!

Till next time friends,

Sesh on!

Oh, and haven’t experienced what we have to offer? We have re-stocked our KINPremium V3 Nattys! You can order them here: