As #ggkendama builds and progresses, we seek to find ways to share our brand and grow.

To do this, we have realized that we can't do this alone. For us to reach our potential we had to understand that not everything can be done by a few people. But as a collective, we can take on the world.

Over the coming months we have been scouring the internet for kendama players in Australia whom we feel possess great potential and with the right support, have the ability to do incredible things. Not only for themselves, but also for our brand.

We are honoured to announce our #ggkendama brand ambassador, Issey. We stumbled upon Issey through Instagram which is a melting pot of amazing kendama talent. We paid special attention to Issey as he is Australia-based (he is also a kendama wizard) and with this, we can together spread the kendama love through this beautiful country that is still so young in the scene. We also love Issey's reactions after lacing a trick. With such pure enthusiasm and joy, this is what we believe the kendama can bring to anyones life if they let it. Yesssssss! It's infectious and we love it! Keep up the amazing effort Issey and keep lacing those bangers.

With the right people in our team, we can strengthen our presence and continue to establish ourselves as the one and only, Premium Kendama Company in Australia.

Issey in our belief possesses the qualities which form the GG Ethos.

To Learn, Grow and Inspire. It is with knowing this that we are so proud to have Issey join us to represent our brand and build our following in Australia.

We would love for you to follow Issey on his journey to 1000 Instagram followers. We know for sure that it won't stop there and GG Collective Co. will walk alongisde Issey on this journey. One step at a time.

Please see Issey's kendama journey through his instagram and don't forget to like and follow!

We wish you all the best mate. Together, we've got this!