As you know, the team here at GG Collective Co. strive to progress. To learn, grow and inspire.

With this always on our minds, we want to improve and provide the best to the kendama community.

We have had a great run with our current KIN Premium line with the natural x clear being the most popular.

We still want to make this better and continue to experiment which is why we have been working on a new formula for the tacky clear tamas. Why? As great as it has been already, the out of the box tacky feel fades after extensive play, which is why we want to experiment with new formulas. We want to increase the length of the playability with the same high tacky feel.

We have also been experimenting with the bevels for playbility! What’s your opinion on a shallower bevel compared to a deeper bevel? We’d love to know!

In short, we have something really special in mind. Consider it another experiment for the better! We have a small batch currently in the mix that will be dropping soon!

We are really excited for this and we hope you are too!

For the readers out there, an inspiring book to read is: The Magic or Thinking Big by David J Schwartz. This book is a great read! The idea of gaining clarity helps to free yourself of the little things so that you can focus on your most important goals. This is a great concept that we would love to share with you all.

Click the link below to get your copy from Book Depository and receive FREE SHIPPING!

We will keep you in the loop!

Till then, sesh on friends!

Learn. Grow. Inspire. - The GG Ethos