First Market Day! - KIN Premium Soft Release

On the 12th of May the GG Collective Co attended the Cooktown Markets right here in beautiful Far North Queensland. It was an amazing experience all around, plenty of kids got their hands on the brand new GG Kendama KIN Premium series Kendamas. The people of Cooktown were the first to try these awesome new Kendamas that we are proud to have finally been able to release!

The journey so far has brought forward so many challenges however it’s all worth it. The final result is a release that we can be proud of.

I previously read a book called Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. He talked about his journey through the ages. He talked about his constantly evolving ideas and reimplementation of his product to make it the best it could. He talked about at times, he wasn’t entirely happy with the product he was selling yet the people saw otherwise and loved what he produced. Throughout this period he gained more sales and scale up. With this brought on more income which he was able to use to refine his product and seek more innovation.

This brings us back to GG Kendama and the ability to bring out to market a quality product. The thing is, without a name, without a growing community and without a following, there really is no growth, they really work hand in hand. The best scenario is to work best with what you have and figure things out along the way. With this you have growth, with this you generate a following, and with this you can build a name. This idea from the Shoe Dog himself really hit home for me and encouraged me to try my best with the time that I have to make something, and it is time dependent. We are in a stage where the kendama community is still growing here in Australia and GG Kendama strive to be at the forefront.

The KIN Premium series has been a story of growth from the very traditional TK16/Ozora shape to what it is now, an evolved ergonomic ken shape that holds its own against today’s most hyped Kendama companies.

We will talk more about the KIN Premium series Kendamas in the next coming blogs.

Key things to note:

The best thing to do is to start

Hold on to your best ideas, test and release

You will make mistakes, be proactive and respond constructively

Be proud of what you can do now, you will always grow from there

Wishing you all the very best, till next entry!


#GGGang supporting the launch of the KIN Premium line by GGKendama