The GG Collective Co team have been experimenting like mad scientists in search of the most ideal paint for optimal durability and playability. In simples, we want paint that stays strong against the hardest knocks, but can also grip and slide when you need it to.

The Aztecian was a great step in the right direction. We remember when we first made them, after completely dried, we stored them, and as soon as we had them strung to the kens, the tack was out of this world!

From our current experience, the tack on the #Aztecian is quite wonderful actually. Over time and daily play, we have noticed that the tack starts from super grippy to an experience like a pencil on drawing on paper, delicate and silky.

We wanted to see how far we could push the boundaries for out of the box tack so we’ve worked with a new formula that will allow just that. From our experience playing with various companies tamas including Sweets and Krom, the Pro Clear and the LOL Clear are fantastic out of the box! We can't fault them and so much love goes out to them! We want nothing less for your experience with our kendamas. We believe our next iteration will bring you the best experience possible, for now. We will always strive to improve.

We are currently working on using new colours too! Expect to see some really unique designs coming in the future!

But for now, let’s talk about a book that we’ve recently read.

We highly recommend Emotional Agility by Susan David.


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Susan explores a great concept of how we can control our own emotions and become the most optimal. The book talks about instances called hooks which is when we are presented with a stimuli and a reaction develops based on our pre-conditioned calls to action ie I’m scared and this is my natural reaction. What this book aims to do is increase our emotional intelligence by becoming conscious of our internal reactions and working towards the most optimal outcomes. It really is a very enlightening concept!

We live in a world filled with distractions and our ability to connect with our “self” becomes that much harder. This book aims to bring us back to centre, to steer us away from our distractions, to break through our comfort-based responses, to achieve the most out of everyday situations and to help us form our best self.

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We wish you all the best in your journey in life and hope we're contributing!

Till next time friends! Keep an out eye out for what we have in store!

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