Australia's first Kendama Meet! #damaroma

The #GGGANG at #damaroma

On the 21st of July, GG Kendama hosted Australia's first kendama meet! Situated in the heart of beautiful Brisbane, Queensland!

What an awesome moment in history this was! Whom would have thought that a small idea sparked from playing with a wooden Japanese skill toy would have eventuated in to this! Truly a blessing!

On this day more than 10 people came together to support the ever growing kendama community. It really was so great to discuss ideas on better play, help support each other to achieve more and get a little competitive to win some swag! It was such a fun and supportive experience that we hope will always be at the core of every meet.

We had players from every skill level from new all the way to heavy grinders. It shows how important it is to have these meets, to challenge your skills, to unlock your potential, if you have the right positive mindset. And this is what coming together as a community does. So let's keep this up!

Multiple competitions were played including; Follow and also a hectic tournament playing Game of KEN.

Congratulations to Justin @juzzdama for winning the Tournament and clean sweeping the entire event of kendama swag! Justin had received 2 unreleased KIN Premium tamas as well as a fresh KIN Premium kendama setup of his choice! We can expect great things from Juzzy in the near future!

Over a few beverages and barbecue the gang came together to talk about life, kendama, where it's heading and also feedback on our current KIN Premium kendamas.

This was a great experience for us as feedback, negative or positive can only be used for the better. We were able to find ways to improve our product and better get our name out there to the world! One person on their own can't change the world, but as a collective, nothing can stop us! So we are truly grateful that the community so far were able to contribute their thoughts, and please do know, we are listening!

Expect refinements for the next iteration of the KIN Premium line very soon!

Once again, thanks everyone whom attended the event!

Share the kendama love, the more we grow, the greater our potential!

Learn. Grow. Inspire. - The GG Ethos

Till next time!