Your first GGKENDAMA

  • learn.

    with learning comes growth. keep your mind open. be excited by new ideas. never fear the unknown. set goals. they are achievable.

  • hone.

    practice makes perfect. execute, persevere and repeat. mastery takes time. keep learning.

  • contribute.

    a journey together encourages those around you to also push forward. inspire and share. positivity goes a long way and as a collective, our potential is boundless. believe.

Buy KIN Premium: Boujee Blak

$29.99 AUD
KIN Premium: Boujee Blak

KIN Premium: Boujee Blak

Regular price $29.99 AUD

KIN Premium - V4 - Ken Only

KIN Premium - V4 - Ken Only

Regular price $21.99 AUD

KIN Premium: Boujee - v4

KIN Premium: Boujee - v4

Regular price $39.99 AUD


Are you taking International Orders?

GG now ship all around Australia, New Zealand and the US! We are aiming to increase our reach to other countries and this will happen as our brand continues to grow. We are able to provide flat rate shipping to the US now that we have arranged additional support by our local shipping provider. If you just have to have a #GGKendama, we love you and thank you for your support! There is an option for International Shipping other than to the US which may cost a premium for you, but maybe it's just worth it hey. Watch this space!

I just completed my online order, when will I receive it?

GG currently work with Australia Post for all orders. If your order is made before 11am (mon-fri), we will have it shipped that day. Any orders after 11am will be prepared and sent next business day. You will be notified when your order has been sent and a tracking number will be provided.

My order was not what I expected. I'd like a return.

Very very sorry to hear that! Please contact us, quote your order number and please advise why your order does not reach your expectations. GGKendamas by GG take pride in our products and we strive to provide the best service possible.

If you are requesting a refund of your Premium GGKendama, please make sure it is unused/undamaged. Otherwise we are unable to refund your order.

It would be so much appreciated if you provided us with feedback as to why you want to return your order. Maybe we would be able to help you make your experience better with your purchase.

Kendama play is too difficult? Let us help! We can provide advice to get the most out of your purchase and maybe help you get through sticking points.

Stay positive, maybe it just takes a little perseverance. Believe!

My Premium GGKendama has weird marks in the grain. What can you do about it?

Your Premium GGkendama can consist of various types of wood. Each kendama is inspected for defects or damage prior to being dispatched.

The marks you are speaking of is the natural grain of that wood. Each Premium GGKendama is unique and the wood turning process exposes the natural characteristics of that wood. They are unique, one of a kind and should be embraced.

If you are completely unhappy with this superficial detail, so sorry to hear that, please contact us and request a refund. Please ensure your Premium GGkendama is unused and un-damaged or we are unable to offer a refund.

We hope you re-consider and give your Premium GGKendama a chance. You won't regret it! Sesh on!